The Start of my Bridal Hairstylist Journey

The start of my bridal hairstylist journey!

I have had a passion for hair since I started working in a salon at 16 years old (yes that is a long time ago now!!)

I never really became interested in ‘upstyling’ until quite a few years later, it was always something that scared me, something I didn’t think I would be very good at. I started to watch my colleagues when they had hair ups booked in, and started to really become interested in doing it myself. This is where my journey began! 

Friends and family used to ask me to style their hair for special occasions, this was great practice for me, as expectations were very low for both of us, and there was no pressure. The more hair styles I did, the more positive feedback I received, the more I wanted to do!! This very quickly turned into creating styles on clients hair, I now knew this was what I wanted to do.

I decided to then go on a hair up course in London, where I was to learn the basic skills needed to create hair up styles, this is where I learnt that already knew the basics, and more and just needed to believe in myself!

I did my first wedding, this was at the mother of the brides home address in Orpington, Kent. I threw myself straight into the deep end. There was a Bride, 7 bridesmaids and a flower girl to style for, it certainly got my adrenaline pumping, but I absolutely loved it! All of the bridal party had a different style, some had their hair up, some had their hair with equally beautiful down styles, the feedback I got was great! Everyone was very happy, especially the bride, which made me very happy, I left on such a high and couldn’t wait to work on another brides hair!